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With our special relationships we are able to get the news out to you first before those other US retailers that are asleep at the wheel. With that said here are the latest Inflight200 releases!!!

Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

Kiwi International Airlines B 727-200 N8883Z - $94.95
Viasa CV-880 YV-C-VIC - $104.95
SAS Scandinavian Airlines DC-9-50 OY-CTB - $78.95
TAP Air Portugal B 707-300 CS-TBA - $128.95
EVA Air B 777-300 B-16703 - $118.95
Ecuatoriana DC-10-30 HC-BKO - $158.95

We've got some new Collection Sale items so be sure to check those out!!!

As always you can use the BOBCAT discount code for 15% off your order containing exclusive Inflight200, Gemini Jets & Aeroclassics PRE-ORDER items only!!! Happy Shopping!!!

 10/22 New Pre-Orders!!!
 9/16 Updated Phoenix Models !!!
 9/16 Phoenix Models Pre-Order!!!
 9/12 10.00 MODELS ARE HERE!!!
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