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Another week comes to an end and we've got the latest Inflight200 releases!!!

Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

Air Namibia B 747SP ZS-SPC - $144.95
Yemenia B 747SP 7O-YMN - $144.95
Alaska Airlines B 727-100 N766AS - $88.95
Alaska Airlines B 727-100 N797AS - $88.95
Boeing Aircraft Company B 777-200 N7771 - $118.95
Eastern Airlines L-1011-1/100 N324EA - $154.95
Eagle Airways Bermuda B 707-400 VR-BBW - $128.95
10 Tanker Air Carrier DC-10-30 N17085 - $158.95

Don't forget to use your it's not a lion, it's not a tiger, but it starts with a B and ends with a T for 15% off orders containing exclusively Inflight200 pre-order items!!

We've still got too many CollectionSale & Sale items around so we've decided to slash prices once again. Every single model in the 1:200 Collection Sale category has had it's price reduced along with the models in the SALE! category too!!

In addition, we've got new models that have been added to the Collection Sale this morning so be sure to check those out as those don't last long!!!

We only have a small handful of the JetBlue A321s left, so get your order in!!!

Lots of great models, most new in box at low prices!!! Happy Shopping!!!

 8/20 Gemini Jetts Pre-Order!!!
 8/18 Phoenix Models Pre-Order!!!
 8/13 Herpa Wings Pre-Order!!!
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