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The following Aeroclassics have just been announced and are now available for pre-order!!! Photos should be up later this evening!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

LAM Mozambique DC-10-30 F-GDJK - $40.95
Aeromexico DC-10-30 N1003N - $40.95
Lan Chile DC-10-30 CC-CJT - $40.95
Air China B 767-200 B-2554 - $40.95
CAAC B 767-200 B-2551 - $40.95
British Airways B 767-200 N655US - $40.95
United Airlines B 737-9MAX N37506 - $37.95
JetBlue Airways A320-200 N779JB - $37.95
ANA All Nippon Airways A321-200 JA136A - $37.95
Air Transat B 757-200 C-GTSE - $39.95
Delta Air Lines B 757-200 N642DL - $39.95
Eastern Airlines B 757-200 N505EA - $39.95
Eastern Airlines B 757-200 N512EA - $39.95
Air Canada B 767-200 C-GAUN - $40.95

Another round of eBay ends tomorrow night so be sure to check it out for tons of great deals on 1:200 models!!! Happy Shopping!!!

 11/30 Inflight200 Pre-Orders!!!
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