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We're wrapping up another busy evening here at the shop. We've got the latest Hogan Wings & Inflight200s up and ready to go!!!

Inflight200 Arrivals!!!

Swissair B 747-200 HB-IGB - $137.95
Boeing Aircraft Company B 747-400 N747ER - $134.95
Alitalia B 747-200 I-DEMF - $144.95
Alitalia B 747-200 I-DEMS - $144.95
Qantas Airways B 747-200 VH-EBA - $134.95
Eastern Airlines Concorde N100EA - $79.95
Braniff International Concorde N81AC - $77.95

JC Wings Arrivals!!!

Boeing Aircraft Company B 777-300 N5014K - $109.95

Hogan Wings 1:200 Arrivals!!

Qantas Airways B 787-900 NA - $42.95
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines MD-11 PH-KCD - $44.95
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines MD-11 PH-KCE - $44.95
Saudia - Saudi Arabian Airlines B 787-900 NA - $39.95
Air India B 747-400 VT-ESO - $46.95

We've got quite a bit of Collection Sale done late this evening with new 1:400s and 1:200s listed. We should have another small collection arriving mid-late this week then a 100+ piece 1:200 collection with lots of great gems arriving either Saturday or early next week!!! Happy Shopping!!!

 6/10 Aeroclassics Pre-Order!!!
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