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We're fast coming up on 8 years of being in business!!! But we've got the biggest annoucement to make yet!!! We've landed the biggest collection ever coming in!!! We've got over 4000+ pieces of collection sale models...that's right 4000 different models!!! There will be 1:400s, 1:200s, Baders, Custom Models and so much more!!! This collection is so large it is shipping to us in weekly batches. We've got the first 400 models en-route and will start listing next Tuesday!!! After that we will have weekly batches until all 4000 models have arrived!!! So start saving your pennies as it's going to be a collection to remember!!!!

Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

China Airlines A350-900 B-18901 - $118.95

In the mean time we're continuing to make space here at the shop for more models and as always there is another batch of 1:200 models ending on eBay tomorrow so be sure to check it out!!!

In the next two weeks we will have the latest Gemini Jets, JC Wings, Inflight200 & Phoenix Models followed by some great Aeroclassics so we're about to get busy!!! Happy Shopping!!!

 4/23 Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!
 4/6 Aeroclassics Pre-Order!!!
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